Nilay - belly dance from Berlin:  ABOUT NILAY

Since childhood, Nilay has been interested in dance and music. Her first performances were as an infant.

Since 2001, when she began to dance at various events, Nilay's heart has completely belonged to oriental dance, Arab folklore, and oriental culture.
To refine and broaden her style, Nilay continuously participated in workshops and advanced training sessions with various teachers and choreographers, such as Horacia from the Cifuentes dance academy. In addition to her dance training in Germany, Nilay has traveled to Egypt and Turkey to study dance in its original form. There she became acquainted with traditional oriental dance, folklore, and its historical background.

Through her dances, Nilay conveys to her audience the fascination of "belly dance" and the flair of "1001 Nights".

She enchants the beholder with her graceful and sensual moves, and takes the hearts of her audience by storm.